John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023)

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Watch the film John Wick: Chapter 4 – With the price on his head constantly increasing, John Wick finds a way to defeat The High Table. But before he can gain his freedom, Wick must confront a new enemy with powerful alliances across the globe and forces that turn old friends into enemies. Welcome back, Mr. Wick. Four years after “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” directors Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves have returned to theaters with “John Wick: Chapter 4,” a film that was supposed to hit theaters almost two years ago. Trust me. It’s worth the wait. Stahelski and writers Shay Hatten and Michael Finch have distilled the mythology-heavy approach of the last few chapters with the lean action of the first film, resulting in a final hour here that ranks among the best of the genre. “John Wick: Chapter 4” opens with its title character (Reeves) on the run again when an evil Force known as the High Table stands in his way. The main villain of the series is the Marquis de Gramont (Bill Skarsgård), a leader of the High Table who continues to increase the bounty on Wick’s head while he also cleans up the mess left behind, including possibly eliminating Winston Scott (Ian McShane) and his share of this evil organization. The opening scene takes Wick to Japan, where he seeks help from the head of the Osaka Continent, Shimazu (Hiroyuki Sanada), and runs afoul of a High Table assassin named Caine (badass Donnie Yen). Laurence Fishburne occasionally appears as Wick’s Q when the assassin needs a new bulletproof suit, and Shamier Anderson stars as an assassin who seems to be waiting for the price on Wick’s head to reach the right level for him to earn his keep. More so than the last few films, the plot here, despite the film’s epic running time (169 minutes), feels refreshingly focused. This is John Wick. These are the bad guys.

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