Heart of Stone (2023)

An intelligence agent for a shadowy global peacekeeping agency races to stop a hacker who stole his most valuable and dangerous

weapon. Positioned as the start of a spy franchise for star Gal Gadot a la “Mission: Impossible” or the James Bond films, Tom Harper’s “Heart of Stone” is the film equivalent of trying to make something go “viral.” It’s a collection of better films that lack any original thought at all, populated by stock characters, and brought to life by uninspired filmmaking.

Gadot plays Rachel Stone, a member of a secret peacekeeping operation called Charter who goes undercover as a fledgling MI6 tech agent. A job that takes him—and his films—across the globe from the Alps to London, Lisbon, Senegal, and finally Iceland, but also manages to film all these locations in the most boring way possible. A lifeless Sophie Okonedo plays his boss, Nomad, who recruited him when he was 20 years old. Why? We don’t know! Did he have prior training, or was he trained after being recruited? “Heart of Stone” doesn’t care.

Netflix stock actor Matthias Schweighöfer plays “Jack of Hearts,” Rachel’s tech aid, who is always connected to a supercomputer known as The Heart, which allows her to use surveillance data to help her on her mission. This data is visualized in front of him, which he manipulates with his hands. It was pretty cool… when Tom Cruise’s character did it on “Minority Report.” Here it plays like a shallow, artless copy. The Charter’s mission is explained multiple times through exposition-laden dialogue. In fact, most of the characters speak in the form of exposition, harsh quips, or melodramatic monologues. Actors Paul Ready and Jing Lusi, as Stone’s teammates Bailey and Yang, work wonders with their deeply written parts, but aren’t given enough screen time to really create fully realized characters. Don’t forget to always check our latest films on EMK


Genre: Action, Populer, Thriller

Actors:Alia Bhatt, Enzo Cilenti, Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, Jing Lusi, Joe Reisig, Luca Fiamenghi, Matthias Schweighöfer, Paul Ready, Sophie Okonedo

Directors:Dan Channing-Williams, Melina Burns, Robert Alonzo, Tom Harper

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