Fast X (2023)

Watch Fast Now, they face the deadliest opponent they have ever faced: A terrifying threat emerging from the shadows of the past fueled by blood revenge, and who is determined to destroy this family and destroy everything—and everyone—Dom loves, forever. The Fast and Furious series   started with a made-up street racing B-movie that metastasized into a  behemoth Mission: Impossible style franchise  with explosive FX set pieces that defied the laws of physics and drama. A recent outing attached rockets to cars and shot key cast members into space; This 10th chapter sends what looks like a miniature Death Star crashing through the streets of Rome to blow up the Vatican. Hey ho Old enemies become friends (and vice versa) and scenic locations (London, Portugal, Antarctica) are cut, while familiar faces (living and dead) get crowd-pleasing cameos and everything crashes into everything else. At one point, a car jumps out of a plane and races down the street, only to fly off once more thanks to some exploding helicopters, before then turning into a submarine. Disbelief isn’t so much suspended as it is exploded. In front of humans, Vin Diesel delivers endless raucous speeches about “fambly,” Michelle Rodriguez reminds us that she’s more than a match for any muscle dude, and Jason Momoa camps out entertainingly as a villain obsessed with ballet without a fixed hairstyle. Tie; there’s more of this over-the-top ending nonsense on the way. Starting from movies that are currently trending to film series from several countries that are being widely discussed by the public because of their popularity, we will present them completely and exclusively so that you can all enjoy them comfortably. With various genres provided, for example: Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Horror and various other genres. Also various films from various countries, for example: Indonesia, America, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and various other big countries. Don’t forget to always check our latest films on EMK

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