Don’t Buy the Seller (2023)

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Nonton Film Don’t Buy the Seller with Indo Sub – The protagonist who reports the seller of a broken washing machine to the police, only to realize that he is a psychopathic serial killer. This makes someone rethink purchasing used goods through online applications. “Don’t Buy the Seller (2023)” takes viewers on a harrowing journey through the dangers of online transactions, revealing a tense story that digs deep into the dangers of cyberspace. The plot centers on Soo-hyun, a hard-working woman who falls victim to a fake online seller. As Soo-hyun grapples with the impact of her online fraud, the film skillfully explores themes that resonate with contemporary societal concerns. The enormous risks of online shopping from unverified sources emerge as a leitmotif, warning viewers of the potential dangers lurking behind every seemingly profitable transaction. This article contains spoilers. Don’t buy the seller (2023) Plot Summary & Film Synopsis: The film begins with a pop-up of used products being sold throughout South Korea. A guy in the metro places an ad for a MacBook and is only interested in meeting or talking to female buyers. He finally got a response from a girl, and he made sure to make an excuse and make the girl meet him at his house. During the meeting, she received a message from him that his brother was coming to check the MacBook as he was stuck with some work. Meanwhile, the story’s protagonist, Soo-hyun, is having difficulty at work. He yells at the construction workers for messing things up. Because of this, he was scolded by his manager, Kim. He accused her of calling him to have a private conversation, but he refused and said it was just his imagination. He goes out for coffee with his friend and colleague Oh Dal Ja, who teases him that Manager Kim might be in love with him. On the way home, Soo-hyu mentions that her washing machine didn’t work when she moved to a new place. Dal Ja tells him that many used items are available at cheaper prices online. Meanwhile, the metro guy was disappointed because the girl didn’t come. He lets his brother in, and he checks the MacBook. The brother gave the man cash and stabbed him. He used the victim’s phone to tell his friends that he was going to Busan to meet a girl. Soo-hyun works late on set, and Manager Kim joins her by bringing her food. He offers to fix the washing machine but is disappointed when Dal Ja joins them at Soo-hyun’s house. Manager Kim was unable to repair the washing machine at home and was asked to leave. The killer placed an ad on a used site to sell all of his victims’ belongings. He got a lot of response and started shipping products. Soo-hyun browses the site and finds a fantastic deal on a used washing machine. And immediately transfer the money and wait for the delivery. A repairman visits to assemble the washing machine and tells her that the device is broken, and Soo-hyun is upset that she was the victim of an online scam

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